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Infrastructure Management Service

We are providers of server management and system support for businesses and organizations in an effectual and productive manner. We are aware of you cannot be without your IT infrastructure performing its finest day in and day out.

  • Server Administrator
  • Linux Server Management
  • Total Server Solutions
Server Administrator

Slow server can kill your progress. Our professionals instantly pinpoint the under-lying issues responsible for the weak performance of your server and ensure effective resolutions for increased performance with all- time comprehension of the server.

  • Server Hardening

    Our server professionals create a baseline for your servers to defend them against sensitive and vulnerable security issues. As part of the server hardening task –

    • We deliver guidance for quick threat identification and server specific techniques for the recognized threats.
    • We execute security audits, weakness scans and inspect system applications
    • We set up alerts to notify you of the updates.
    • We check your server for malware and proactively expose you about any malicious activities and block any malware uploads.

  • Server Optimization

    Slow server can kill your progress. Our professionals instantly pinpoint the under-lying issues responsible for the weak performance of your server and ensure effective resolutions for increased performance with all- time comprehension of the server.

    • We understand the causes for high load scenarios and then cure the root cause.
    • We execute performance analysis and bench-marking experiments to ensure easy working of server.
    • We enable you adopt load balancing set up.

  • Server Configuration

    We configure your servers considering your business needs and demands of future maintenance, to ensure finest effectiveness of the infrastructure. Not only this, our server engineers re-configure your servers to satisfy your business distinct demands with minimal downtime and expense efficiency. Our professionals work on anti-spam system and mail server configuration; web server modules’ installation and custom settings; and DNS servers’ re-configuration.

  • Server and Application Deployment

    There are various reasons for the server failures- configuration errors, hardware issues etc. With years of experience and proficient methods of troubleshooting, our professionals instantly identify the root cause of errors, downtime and utilize such fixes that prevent recurring of issues. We provide best and scalable platform for your application with the zero downtime and 24*7 support and help to deploy your application on cloud.

  • Monthly statistics for quality assessments

    To help best our support quality, we generate monthly reports on – quantity of tickets raised and replied, average response time and resolution time.

Linux Server Management

A cutting- edge solution at reduced TCO to drive your business productivity.

Our world- class, precautionary Linux server management service helps you accomplish high performance standards. With our web – based Linux server management, do operations worry- free, because we offer highly reactive server support, exhaustive security measures, trusted data backup strategies, routine server performance tuning, regular server updates with patch maintenance and a precautionary support for your rising user base

  • Timely patch management and server updates

    Applying regular patches is of course not a difficult task, yet an ideal process as its incorrect management might lead to downtime. We ensure security and zero assistance downtime while preserving your servers updated.

  • Linux server security and monitoring

    Server security is touted as the strength of a business. Therefore to ensure protection, we obtain periodic audits, instantly recognize efficiency issues, apply regular patches and set up monitoring systems to keep a tab on server efficiency and other vulnerabilities.

  • Linux infrastructure setup

    We analyze your business needs before creating your Linux server setup. To guarantee high performance, we boost your server configurations, and deploy required software and hardware.

  • Linux management services features

    We guidance Linux/Windows Operating systems using KVM technology. We using configuration management system for server management to boost the quality and timeliness of our service. We frequently check all the services, changes in critical settings documents for different types of attacks and fix the issues at the earliest.

  • Support for control panel

    We deliver guidance for cPanel and Plesk control panels. We execute control panel updates with existing protection patches. To enhance your performance, we have designed custom scripts that automate numerous tasks regarding control.

  • Backup Management

    Backups are the primary and the last line of security for your business against threats and catastrophes. To guarantee you have trusted data backup, we frequently analyze our ability to restore instantly and employ suitable disaster recovery plans. Also, we confirm remote backups and fault monitoring.

Total Server Solution

Complete server solutions to execute your business progress and everything involved!

We are the solution professionals! Our experience helps us in comprehension our consumer demands and the need to be with them at every point of their project, thus our server management solutions covers endless server issues.We offer industry’s finest servers that help both Operating Systems-Linux/Windows, and our server solutions com with day and night server monitoring, support for control panel, backup settings, tragedy recovery, regular boosts and security measure patches. Our solution professional’s assurance quick resolution on all tickets of server concerns

  • Server Monitoring and quick restoration

    Early perception of evolving concerns and implementation of precautionary measures to resolve them is the key to server management services at Nagios & Zabbix. Our server professionals analyze service alerts; trigger thing response when service degeneration is detected. They monitor network speed and make Fail- over processes to resolve the issue.

  • 24*7 on server Management

    We are invariably on at Nagios & Zabbix . Our support is definitely functional and our server surgeons are instant, responsive, ready and communicative although answering and resolving your issues/queries.

  • Periodic Performance tuning with assured quality

    Our professionals recognize efficiency issues and fix them instantly through periodic performance tuning but at the same time, additionally take care that all the quality standards are achieved during issue resolution.

  • Hardening servers

    As section of our protective maintenance, we execute regular security audits to harden the servers for upcoming attacks. Our multi layered protection consists of innovative security measures like firewall installation, anti- worms, rootkit detection tools, brute force and intrusion detection mechanisms that block all manipulate efforts on the server.

  • System software management

    To keep your server up to date, we regular apply protection patches, execute periodic software upgrades, always keep a close tab on emerging vulnerabilities and obtain precautionary measures to conquer emerging issues between new software and the existing applications.

  • Disaster recovery solution

    Our emergency recovery solutions are cloud centered which offer online data storage, redundancy and maked sure data effectiveness on the move, in case of downfalls. We guarantee protected and encrypted backups, virtualization of file types and databases and an effective communication strategy with warm and friendly support.

  • Deployment Operations

    Our server management services consist of uniform and highly available settings and backup management which ensures data protection and its accessibility. We deliver support for different server infrastructure -including virtualized servers; dedicated servers, private cloud servers, and Azure public cloud servers .We automate deployment techniques and integrate development and features into one authentic process.

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